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At iTech Repair Ltd. We take pride on what people really say about the level of repair services offered and the quality of spare parts supplied, we act upon constructive criticism, and thrive on kind words. Customer service is our highest priority. We will do everything within our power to enable our customers to receive the lowest prices, highest quality parts and repairs and impartial free expert advice.

The best way for you to appreciate our high levels of customer service is to use us for a repair or supply of parts. Many of our customers contact us, their comments and feedback are below, please feel free to browse through the following pages.

Brenda Bryant 22/07/2014

I cannot fault the service of your website in any way. When I ordered the replacement of the battery of my PDA the instructions were so explicit, even to the provision of posting label, and the service was so swift, your methods made everything so easy and reliable. Many thanks

Tony Waugh 21/07/2014

Excellent and speedy service. Well priced and expertly completed. Many Thanks.

Denn Barning 18/07/2014

My iPAQ 2210 was over volted and HP said I could throw it away......Thanks to Nathan it will live happy and long from now on. If the HP fails again....iI will find you again...:-))

K Kumar 17/07/2014

Thank you for the super speedy repair. I heavily rely on my iPAQ for its diary and sat nav functions. It is also a music player for when I listen to music on the go and it connects to my car stereo. My iPAQ had been giving me problems for the past year, I had been pulling my hair out and was very upset every time the iPAQ lost the information. HP had given me an outrageous quote which meant that I could buy a new Ipaq for the same price. I stumbled across this website and decided to email them. My emails were answered promptly and the problem was diagnosed. I was quoted a very cheap price. The problem is fixed and I no longer pull my hair out. Thank you for rescuing my iPAQ and for promptly sending me the accessories. This took place all within a week. You have saved my iPAQ and saved me money. You have made me a very happy. Your service is first class and hassle free and I will highly recommend your speedy services.

Allen McCutch 13/07/2014

Thank you for the excellent service, the quick reply to my e-mails that established my iPod Touch needed a new screen and head phone jack. The price agreed was excellent. The repairs were carried out very quickly and returned in well wrapped packaging. The iPod Touch is now as good as new, well done to you all, I will use you again.

Stan Pearson 07/07/2014

I would just like to say how pleased I was with your speed of service and quality of repairs to my MIO P350, It took less than a week from me to you and back,this included a Easter 4 day break, many thanks and I will recommend you to my friends.

Mike Cogan 06/07/2014

Having contacted Compaq for a repair quote (which took two days to issue) and then realising I could buy a new iPAQ for the same price with change, I searched the web. I found two solutions - one in the USA and The site is brilliant, clean and so easy to use. But the service is even better and Nathan did everything it said on the tin and more. The price was sensible, the repair was done in days and I was back in business. I am professional IT consultant and have no hesitation in recommending this service. It is excellent and I do not have many opportunities of saying that about any site or company. If your iPAQ is bust, don't throw it away. Send it to Nathan. You won't regret it.

Renato Bjeshkaj 05/07/2014

Service very fast! Item received in Italy after 4 days, good communication!

Viv Newell 01/07/2014

Extremely pleased with the service and product I bought recently from your website and can highly recommend you.

Marjorie Hardwick 26/06/2014

Thanks for the speedy return of my ipaq. Very good repair service and not overly expensive. I shall use you again if needs be.

Conor Sexton 25/06/2014

Just wanted to say thanks to iPAQ Repair for the prompt service. My iPAQ has been resurrected from its coma, and given a shiny new screen. I will be sure to use these services again, if this or any other iPAQ gives me trouble in the future...Many thanks

Russell Hand 25/06/2014

My iPAQ broke at a most inopportune moment. I asked the team for a quick turn round and they received, repaired and returned it in 72 hours - excellent co-operation and a very happy customer. Well done and thanks.

Lilian Smith 22/06/2014

Excellent service and delivery on my Nintendo DSi. I would recommend iPAQ Repairs & Parts to friends and family.

Tim Miles 19/06/2014

The service was excellent, rather than paying the cost of a replacement machine I was able to have my iPAQ repaired, quickly and cheaply. My iPAQ came back in the post a few days later as good as new. In particular I appreciated the ability to know how my order was progressing. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Well done!

Diana Abrey 15/06/2014

Fantastic service, I wish everyone was as patient, reliable, honest & friendly as you guys. Myself & my partner will definitely be recommending your services to all our IPAQ using friends & colleagues. Thanks again.

Connor Paterson 11/06/2014

iPAQ Repair had my PSP fixed and returned within a week, I'm very pleased with the results, I highly recommend this service.

Simon Addison 08/06/2014

Many thanks for sending my iPAQ charger connecter. Excellent process from the easy order to the very prompt delivery. HP said the part was "not orderable" and were totally unhelpful. Thanks also for pointing me in your direction. Your site is now added to my favourites :-)

Andreas Tsakon 07/06/2014

The service is BEST I live in Greece I had a problem with the backup battery, the service of HP Greece charges 170 Euro + VAT. Now from IPAQ Repair & parts I pay only 17 Euro. Thanks a lot I.R.P.!!!!!

Jim Mitchell 03/06/2014

Had a problem with my iPhone LCD screen bleeding. Apple quoted DOUBLE the price of iPAQ. Sent it off to iPAQ on the Tuesday morning and it was back to me in the turn around time quoted (Friday morning) only 3 days, and even better packed than when I sent it. I will have no hesitation in dealing with these guys again. Every question I had was answered promptly and in detail, nothing was to much trouble. Keep up the good work iPAQ team, a pleasure to deal with you. Jim Mitchell, Glasgow. Scotland. March 2010

Clive Pocock 30/05/2014

I am so pleased with the service provided by ipaqrepair. My IPAQ had a faulty motherboard and Nathan had it replaced and back with me within a few short days. Great service, quick shipment and superb communication. I knew what was happening at all times. Thanks you very much.

David Bennoson 28/05/2014

Sent Acer N35 Navigator Tuesday and received back fully repaired on Friday. Just to say thank you for your speedy and efficient service.

David Ford 27/05/2014

Service was fast and efficient. Much less hassle than dealing with Compaq. Prices are rock bottom, although I do not think the refurbished screen was as bright as the original, but considering the price differential the decision was not a difficult one :-)

Allan Howlett 26/05/2014

Wonderful friendly and efficient service and no rip off charges! Thanks a million Nathan.

Mark Edmondson 24/05/2014

Despite initial concerns, having no prior experience of IPAQ Repair, other than coming across their details on the internet, would now wholly recommend them to anyone requiring a battery replacement or repair to their IPAQ. A good and quick service with plenty of feedback. A unique and valuable service.

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