MacBook Repair Service
Are you located in Leicestershire and looking for a professional Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air repair service? We are Leicester’s premier repair center, offering savings over costly manufacturers repairs.iTech Repair has over 12 years of experience with the Apple range of MacBooks. We have repaired many Apple laptops with a fast turn round and repairs completed to the highest standard this has resulted in many happy and satisfied customers. Our fully qualified technicians are the answers to all your Mac problems, we understand how irritating and inconvenient a broken or damaged MacBook can be. Whatever problem you are fa..
Local Collect and Delivery Repair Service
There is nothing more irritating than a broken phone or tablet. We specialize in repair of Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, Huawei and Sony whether it's a cracked screen or faulty battery taking your valuable time and money to get it repaired. We are now offering a new local collect and delivery repair service, this includes having your damaged device collected from your home or place of work and then repaired at our service center and delivered back to you for only an additional £9.99 including VAT.The local collect and delivery repair service is operated using an economic and environmentally friendly Nissan LEAF, which is a 100% el..
Laptop Repairs
A broken laptop brings an almost insurmountable inconvenience and frustration, especially when you are trying to beat a deadline or you simply need to get things done. This is why we offer a variety of laptop repairs and strive to get them fixed as quickly as possible. We’re no magicians, but we value your time and understand that the longer you go without your laptop, the more you lose.  We can repair all brands of laptop, using genuine original manufacturers parts.All our in house laptop repairs are provided with a full 12 months warranty for your peace of mind, so you can with confidence choose us to repair your laptop.Here ..
iTunes Error Number Explanations
It is a fact of life when owning an iPhone or iPad you will eventually experience the dreaded iTunes error, thankfully most of the iTunes errors you experience can be found listed in Apple's Knowledge Base however some of the explanations and resolutions are vague and do not really help you in your attempts to correct the error you have experienced. Errors appear when you are upgrading or restoring over a USB connection via iTunes.If you have received a “This device cannot be restored Error XXX” message from iTunes, you have now been forced to undertake some googling research to begin understanding why you are experiencing the error..
iPad Repair For Business
Whether your business has just one iPad, or hundreds of the device, something that you will want to have to hand is a reliable iPad repair service. An iPad repair service for business should be accessible, and affordable as such we offer discounted repair rates based on volume, and it should also be able to turn the job around fast to ensure that your organisation is not without the technology that it so heavily relies on. We appreciate that having your iPad expertly fixed, serviced, and back in your hands as soon as possible is of utmost importance to you and your workplace.A good repair service for iPads will offer your business a..
HP iPAQ User Tips
Our surprisingly still very popular HP iPAQ user tips page has now been republished on our new updated website this was an oversight on our part, sorry to those who contacted us asking why we had removed it! We really had no idea anyone still used it as an informational resource. I suspect a few old bookmark are now broken as the page has been given a new URL as such we have now redirected the old URL to the newly published page so nothing in those old bookmarks has been broken, just follow this link for the republished HP iPAQ User Tips page.The new URL is : https://www.ipaqrepair.co.uk/ipaq-tips..
iPad Repair For Schools And Universities
When it comes to providing school children with the best standard of education, there is a growing acceptance that introducing technological aids and devices in the classroom is of considerable benefit. Children feel at great ease and comfort with tablets and smartphone devices and clearly there is a great level of information and teaching aids that can be displayed and shown on these devices.With many educational bodies receiving support or discounted access to these modern devices, tablets such as iPads are commonplace in schools, colleges, academies and universities all across the United Kingdom.This is great news and it will hop..
You Can Repair Your Own iPhone 6 Screen
There are few things quite as annoying as dropping your pristine iPhone 6 face down on the ground and then retrieving it only to reveal the horror of a cracked screen. Not only is a cracked iPhone 6 screen extremely aesthetically displeasing, it also makes your phone very uncomfortable to use, if it still works at all that is. A cracked iPhone 6 screen is really frustrating, leaving you cursing yourself for clumsily dropping it or letting it slide out of your shirt pocket. It's an easy enough mistake to make when you're in a rush or just caught out by carelessness, and we've all been there. But as frustrating as it i..
Welcome To The New iPAQRepair.co.uk Website
Let me take this chance to welcome you, prospective new customers and our existing valued customers to our updated eCommerce website. Our old website has served us very well for over 12 years, however the time has come for a change!We have spent many months preparing and executing the transition to a complete new eCommerce platform, this will enable us to serve you better than ever before, we have many new features, including allowing live progress status updates from your units arrival with us and subsequent repair undertaken by our technicians, we have also implemented a new fast track express repair service, thi..
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