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At iTech Repair Ltd. We take pride on what people really say about the level of repair services offered and the quality of spare parts supplied, we act upon constructive criticism, and thrive on kind words. Customer service is our highest priority. We will do everything within our power to enable our customers to receive the lowest prices, highest quality parts and repairs and impartial free expert advice.

The best way for you to appreciate our high levels of customer service is to use us for a repair or supply of parts. Many of our customers contact us, their comments and feedback are below, please feel free to browse through the following pages.

Derek Biggs 24/12/2014

Nathan thanks for the outstanding service I am absolutely delighted. I've been in the customer service industry for 40 years & you top the lot. Your diagnosis was spot on. The repair was competitively priced & could not have been undertaken any faster. My iPAQ is as sweet as nut. A 3 day turn around from finding you to receiving it back- brilliant customer service & a credit to you. It would be nice to say thanks in person but I can't find your number. I guess your high level of communication outweighs being able to talk. Thanks again & I will refer your services whenever the opportunity arises. Regards & good luck.

Jerry Hawkins 15/12/2014

Excellent service. Repaired and returned within the week. 5 months on a problem started coming back - repaired free of charge and returned within the week again. I would recommend the service to any iPAQ (or other PDA) owner.

Brian Herdman 08/12/2014

Thanks for restoring my worn and damaged iPAQ. It is now as new. Your web site and service are truly excellent.

Ricardo Diz 02/12/2014

Bueno creo que ya se ha dicho todo. Pero es que ha sido todo PERFECTO. Gracias, por reparar mi IPAQ, que ya me encargaré yo de romperla.

Alan Stirk 21/11/2014

One knows the likely cost of repair and the time scale before placing the order. The repair to my HP2210 was done within both and I received it today as promised. It is working again. Thank you, Nathan, for a job well done.

Steve Wright 20/11/2014

Excellent! My screen was replaced very efficiently and returned very quickly. Additional problems meant it went back and again the repair/fix was sorted superbly. iPAQ Repair returned my iPAQ RX3715 as if it had just come out of its box. Will definitely recommend to friends with iPAQs. Brilliant and Thank you very much!

John Calimori 19/11/2014

I really thought I should take the time to leave some feedback. Nathan was polite and helpful, the service was amazing efficient in a world where the internet means people can hide from their customers. I will do my best to ensure that other people know of this fantastic service.

Nairn Dryburgh 19/11/2014

Fast delivery with no problems. What more could you ask for? When you ask a question he answer's you. I will be using IPAQ repairs again and will recommend them to anyone. Excellent service Nathan. 100% 10/10

John Blackmore 18/11/2014

iPAQ battery ordered Friday, delivered Saturday, complete with Torx screwdriver. Downloaded instruction made changeover simple. Thanks for superb service. I will certainly recommend you.

Mike Skyrme 15/11/2014

I had just bought a Bluetooth Tom Tom Navigator for my 2210 (very good piece of kit) when I dropped my iPAQ and the speaker stopped working, The quote from HP meant I was going to have to scrap the 2210 as it was not cost effective, but after a few e-mails with Nathan I sent my iPAQ in to be repaired and now I have a full functioning PDA with sound and the Tom Tom Navigator is working great. A BIG thanks you to Nathan and I will be doing more business with him in the future, 11 out of 10. Cheers

James Hodgson 14/11/2014

Many thanks Nathan for fixing my IPAQ. I had only had it for 7 weeks when I broke the screen. HP wanted more for the repair than I paid for the IPAQ!. Not only were you much cheaper but also the service was personal and prompt and I had mine back within a week all fixed and ready to go. Fabulous price, fabulous service, please keep it up.

Michel Merlin 10/11/2014

The stylus arrived, in perfect shape and packaging, at my door in Versailles, around Fri 09 Jul 2010 12:00:00 +0200 (i.e. 6d 13h1 5min 30s after order placed). I at once tried it and it does fit in my HP iPAQ h2215 as swift, tight yet easy and fast to insert or remove, as the original, so it is undoubtedly a full new original HP part as advertised. Thank you very much!

Nigel de Costa 10/11/2014

Sony PSP fixed promptly and returned the same day. I now have very happy son. Also repair cost was cheapest I could find. My contact experience with this company's customer services was first class. Highly recommended and thank you very much.

Phil Wright 09/11/2014

I dropped my iPhone at daughters wedding, badly cracking the touch screen; and because it is not insured for damage O2's only suggestion was to buy a new one! Then I found you guys on internet and sent off damaged iPhone on Saturday, received it back on Thursday looking like new. Your service is brilliant and your prices excellent. I will recommend you to anyone who needs their iPhone repairing. 10 out of 10!

Katie Marshall 31/10/2014

FANTASTIC SERVICE, very co-operative and iPod Touch was back to me within a few days. Much cheaper than any other service online, would recommend to all! THANK YOU SO MUCH :)

Robert Clark 29/10/2014

iPhone battery replaced by return. Excellent service. Entire contents of phone preserved, apart from date and time, which were easy to reset. I know of these guys from the old days of PDAs, and their service is just as good now as it was then.

Sandy Blair 27/10/2014

Everything went smoothly, returned very quickly and my iPAQ had been restored to perfect health after a problem where it wouldn't sync.

Jon Williams 14/10/2014

Thanks for fixing my sick IPAQ. provides an excellent end-to-end service from diagnostics through to a speedy repair. Highly recommended!!

Sharon Cunningham 10/10/2014

ipaq repair team, many thanks for a job well done and replacing my battery free of charge. My ipaq was back at work today and working as good as new!

Neil Turner 07/10/2014

Was quite concerned when my iPAQ broke, HP wanted an obscene amount of money just to look at it, then came across this site. Really impressed with the excellent level of service and the ease with which the order was processed and my iPAQ repaired and returned. I hope I won't need to use you again, but I will have no hesitation in doing so or recommending you to others. Thanks again.

Ian Carlin 26/09/2014

Excellent service. I was kept fully updated at all stages of repair and the HTC PDA was returned well packaged. Highly recommended.

Rich Tornambe 21/09/2014

I don’t think there's much I can say that hasn’t been said. My business is practically held together by PDA's (sat nav, task management, emailing) I was totally lost without them but iPAQ repair sent them back within two weeks good as new. V happy. Cheers!!

Andrew Lane 19/09/2014

Excellent service and great communication! I hesitated before sending iPAQ for repair, as I am lost without it and other repairers seemed uncommunicative and vague. Nathan did a first-class job, and my life was returned in perfect working order! I would have no hesitation in sending it to him again (though I hope I never have to!)

Lily Pilling 14/09/2014

Nathan. Many thanks for the swift repair of my IPAQ 5550. Exactly one week door to door and I can now sync and charge with no problem. In addition the whole thing is running far better and looks cleaner! Magic me thinks.

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