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At iTech Repair Ltd. We take pride on what people really say about the level of repair services offered and the quality of spare parts supplied, we act upon constructive criticism, and thrive on kind words. Customer service is our highest priority. We will do everything within our power to enable our customers to receive the lowest prices, highest quality parts and repairs and impartial free expert advice.

The best way for you to appreciate our high levels of customer service is to use us for a repair or supply of parts. Many of our customers contact us, their comments and feedback are below, please feel free to browse through the following pages.

Dave Archer 27/05/2009

Having dropped my iPhone and smashing the screen I contacted Apple for advice. After a lengthy wait to talk to someone, notification of a £140 repair bill and offer of a 5-day wait for an 'appointment' I turned to iPAQ Repair & Parts'...and I'm very glad I did. Your company turned my order around in an impressive 4 days and charged 50% less than iPhone is now as good as new. Awesome service thanks. I've now started recommending you to everyone I know!

John Watson 24/05/2009

Hi. Just a quick thank you for your replacement of my ipaq screen - well done, works fine, even seems to use memory more efficiently. Wonder if this is because taking it apart involves a hard reset when the battery is disconnected. Anyway , it works perfectly. I won't hesitate to ask for your services again, and will pass on to my friends how good you have been. Thanks again.

Stuart Tunstall 15/05/2009

What can I say? no more than a first class excellent service. Having purchased the IPAQ 2nd hand, I found out upon delivery there was a fault when running on battery power, only to be told by the seller "it happened in transit" Nathan has now confirmed that the unit was faulty before I purchased it! Having now let Nathan repair the unit at a remarkable price, I intended to pursue the seller further. All I can say is I am 100% happy with IPAQ repair, will use the service again, and recommend anyone to use them. Thank you Nathan!!!!!! If your IPAQ id faulty, do not give it up as a bad job, let Nathan look at it.

Dane Maslen 14/05/2009

Excellent service. I was having trouble with a replacement battery door cover and could not understand why, but came to suspect that there was something wrong with my iPAQ rather than the door cover. When I explained what was happening, the problem was immediately (and correctly) identified as the old battery swelling and preventing the door from closing properly.

Michel Meijer 13/05/2009

Nathan. I can't tell you how helpful you have been! A small note to any of who wants to buy spare parts for your Ipaq: "This is THE site to buy it from". To be honest this was my first online purchase and to make things worse it was overseas. But....... I hope all my online purchases will be handled like this one! I received quick personal replies to all my emails, I was able to track the package all the way, didn't get surprise bills at delivery, and last but not least it was perfectly on time! This is one perfectly handled purchase. I wrote this comment because I noticed that so far no Dutch comments where posted. A small Dutch note: Perfecte site met een perfect persoonlijke benadering. Absloluut een aanrader! Nathan, good luck and thanks!!

Roger Burton 05/05/2009

Excellent service and a 1st class screen repair to my iPad. Very polite and professional people to deal with. Will definitely recommend and use again when required. Keep up the good work.

Bob Cook 04/05/2009

Received today in full working order- I'm impressed at the extremely reasonable price (little more than the shipping costs) for main switch replacement and the turn around over the Christmas/new year period from time dispatched (23rd Dec) to time returned (6th Jan) is quite incredible. I cannot recommend you highly enough but I'll try to ensure neither me nor granddaughter drops it for a while as twice in two months is too often.

Rene Stuart 03/05/2009

I had a charging fault with my Acer n35 PDA. After sending it off for repair, it was returned to me the morning of the 6th day fully functional. I find this quite exceptional service. My e-mail point of contact throughout was Paul Butler and he kept me fully appraised about my PDA repair. I will recommend iPaqrepair to friends and fully recommend it to those out there needing a repair. Exceptional service!

Alison Brookes 02/05/2009

Your staff are just wonderful especially Nathan, my iPhone had a couple of problems, and I contacted you for advice on which parts I needed, within 24 hours you had responded, not only telling me which part I needed, but a link to it too. And the 2 items were delivered within 48 hours. I would definitely come here for more spares. Many thanks Alison

Lance Forrest 24/04/2009

I am delighted with the service of this company. My iPAQ died and Nathan brought it back to life, inexpensively and promptly. It is now working as good as new, and I am happy to endorse this trustworthy fair and reliable service, have no hesitation this is the best iPAQ repair service in the whole UK. Cowboys run others, this is one you can trust!! Thanks Nathan.

Andy Brassington 23/04/2009

I sent in an IPAQ 3630 that had failed when updating the ROM for pocket pc 2002, got the device back, superbly packaged, great comms throughout, Nathan answered all my questions. I'll be putting some business this guy’s way! Superb stuff!

Duncan Adams 11/04/2009

Thanks guys, iPhone part is already here and I have installed it into my phone now. I got a working phone again! Many thanks for the exceptionally quick service. Very efficient! Thanks.

Ruth Parry 09/04/2009

Website was very easy to navigate Instructions for packaging and sending off the iPAQ were very clear Service was excellent in terms of efficiency and effectiveness - iPAQ was returned to me within 2 or 3 days completely repaired. I'd definitely recommend this service to others. Thanks.

A. McLearnon 02/04/2009

I have to admit I was a bit wary of sending my iPAQ off for repair to an unknown person whose website I had just found through various links. However, I am very glad I did send off my iPAQ, as it is now back with me in full-functional order after a fast turnaround and great communication. I was even more impressed by the fact that Nathan did the whole repair (with return P&P) for £150 less than Compaq themselves quoted me. You can't beat that. Highly recommended.

Chris Lawton 30/03/2009

I've now bought 3 iPAQ’s from Ebay and they have all had something wrong with them. But they have all been sorted by Nathan. And still worked out much cheaper than going to a big seller of refurbished units. Thank you Nathan

Ralph Arrow 27/03/2009

Placed my order for a spare battery via the website and received it the next day. Excellent service and will use them again now I know I can rely on them.

B. Barrier 24/03/2009

Fine order and shipping tracking, for change of Acer N35 connector. Repaired unit is now working perfectly, it was previously quite unusable. I have liked the info given by email at all the process steps, and the service is pretty fast, even for a foreign customer (France).

Peter Wilkinson 21/03/2009

May I just say a big thank you to Nathan i thought my iPAQ 6340 was going in the bin until he replaced the screen & digitiser and the casing for under £200 including delivery I will be recommending you to anyone without hesitation every email i sent was answered swiftly and explained all I wanted to know thoroughly in plain English.Well done its not very often you come across a company that's as customer focused as iPAQREPAIRS so thanks a million keep it up I will definitely only use you in future.

Dael Copeland 16/03/2009

iPAQ Repair & Parts has repaired two motherboards that I damaged by plugging them into 12 v. rather than the required 5 v. (It took me two times to figure out what I was doing wrong.) They are also a great source of information for these wonderful Pocket PCs. Response time has been fast too. I could not be happier.

Mike Mason 13/03/2009

What a service. iPAQ on the way out, the inverter board was faulty. Ordered part on Friday, received part on Tuesday and everything working normally on Wednesday. That is service and all done even though I arranged a bank transfer as means of payment late on Friday night. Oh and the prices are really good. I got a far better service than I hoped was possible. Thanks Nathan. I will return for more bits when I need them.

Nicholas Cooke 09/03/2009

Nathan et al. provided a really efficient service when the screen of my iPAQ 2210 became faulty. Emails were quickly responded to and the iPAQ was returned to me 8 days from posting. It now works as new. Many thanks, chaps.

Sophie Roy 28/02/2009

Many thanks for repairing my iPhone so quickly and at an affordable cost, very pleased!

Laurie Diffey 20/02/2009

The stylus holder on my iPAQ broke some months ago, and it became difficult to carry it around without losing the stylus. I took the unit into the Compaq approved service centre in Auckland (New Zealand) and they had the unit for 4 months awaiting the necessary part. I finally gave up, and on returning to the UK sent the unit to - the unit was repaired in less than 2 weeks (including shipping time), and for an extremely reasonable cost. I'm well satisfied!

Alex Keith 18/02/2009

Very good service. Goods arrived next day and helpful advice. A+.

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