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At iTech Repair Ltd. We take pride on what people really say about the level of repair services offered and the quality of spare parts supplied, we act upon constructive criticism, and thrive on kind words. Customer service is our highest priority. We will do everything within our power to enable our customers to receive the lowest prices, highest quality parts and repairs and impartial free expert advice.

The best way for you to appreciate our high levels of customer service is to use us for a repair or supply of parts. Many of our customers contact us, their comments and feedback are below, please feel free to browse through the following pages.

Ian Murden 29/10/2009

Absolutely outstanding service, my iPAQ has been brilliantly repaired and as my wife says, it's like welcoming back a third party to this marriage I love it and am grateful to have it back fully restored. Thank you.

Alan Whitlock 21/10/2009

Excellent service, repaired damaged charging circuit on two iPAQs in less than a week. Could not ask for better. This company is first class !!

Stephen Trainor 13/10/2009

First class service! Dispatched iPAQ 3850 with a broken LCD ordered the LCD Replacement and my iPAQ was returned within the week repaired. Saved a fortune compared to HP's cost to repair. Very efficient service, keep up the good work!

Paul Barudi 11/10/2009

Another quality repair - Fast, efficient and reasonable price - Thank you.

Alex Mclean 11/10/2009

Superb service for repair and parts provision. Friendly and helpful people. I recommend this company to anyone.

Clifford Jones 07/10/2009

Just got the HP iPAQ back. Really very impressed with what you have done. In fact fantastic and I will recommend you to others. if want an endorsement for publicity I will provide one. Thanks again.

Martin Stone 04/10/2009

I recently broke the glass to my iPod Nano 6th gen, iTech Repair gave me a good price to repair. Very friendly service and professional service. 3 day turn around , would have been quicker except for Easter holiday. That's service. Would highly recommend, you wont go wrong with this company.

Dave Chester 28/09/2009

I found the link to on Google. A quick email from me was promptly answered. I sent in my Mitac Mio168 SatNav for repair, I had damaged the charging socket. I emailed them to confirm my order, and again, it was promptly answered. I posted it off, on Tuesday afternoon. I got a confirmation email confirming its repair, and I received it back the following Wednesday !! That's Fast !! Great service with a personal touch !! Thanks Nathan !! Thanks to all at iPAQ Repair & Parts. Great Job !!

Pat Littlehales 25/09/2009

Extremely helpful, fast and friendly service. Would recommend to all however big or small the problem may be. Had my iPAQ back, repaired within a week of finding the website.

Dave Gittins 24/09/2009

Excellent service, I posted my Mio 168 on Wednesday and received it back fully repaired just over a week later. Many thanks, I would gladly recommend you to anybody.

Mark Holcroft 23/09/2009

Outstanding service, returned within a couple of days. Easy payment from an excellent website. Definitely one for your Favourites.

Roman Penzes 22/09/2009

Very happy excellent service many thanks.

Tim Elliott 20/09/2009

What can I say. Britain needs companies like this one. HP quoted £175 to fix my ipaq after their update bricked it. These guys did it in less than a week for £29.80. Thank you so much.

Lucy Hamilton 20/09/2009

Nathan is a star. Thought my little iPAQ was gone for good and he resurrected it for hardly anything within the week. Very quick service, cheap, reliable, friendly... yay! Three cheers!

Paul Antoniou 20/09/2009

Very happy emails answered quickly. I would recommend to all my friends. Take my word they are good at what they do with a very quick delivery service. I would like to thank all the staff for a perfect service thank you.

Andrew MacDonald 19/09/2009

A fantastic service from Nathan and the team in repairing my Father in Laws ipaq. I will recommend you to all my fellow ipaq users should their ipaq have any issues.

Glyn Thomas 17/09/2009

Many thanks for your excellent service. Rapid delivery and excellent communication throughout, with no hidden costs!

Bill Palin 16/09/2009

My screen on my IPAQ was repaired very quickly and is now as good as new, very fast service; in fact the only hold up was the post office!! Excellent

Gerry Quicke 16/09/2009

Excellent service especially from Nathan. I had to return a Mio 168 a second time because of an error in the repair. You reimbursed all the costs I incurred with returning the unit. It is a nice change to find a company who keeps their promises, very professional. I will certainly use your company again and also recommend you with such a great after sales service, WELL DONE. Thank you.

Eamonn Greville 10/09/2009

Excellent and efficient service, particularly as I live outside the UK ( Ireland ). Would definitely recommend it to others. As they say "It does exactly as it says on the tin".

Royston Whiting 08/09/2009

Thanks for the quick repair/replacement of the charge circuit in my IPAQ 3870. It now works fine and was very reasonable in cost involved. Many thanks. I have learnt not to use non IPAQ chargers in future but know Nathan can fix it anyway.

Wayne Garbutt 03/09/2009

Nathan is Superman in disguise, I saw my iPAQ 3870 go up in smoke (literally) when a power voltage spike got it. The charge light went out and it was lifeless after that. Fearing the worst because my entire world was on it, I contacted Nathan who I had used in the past for parts after he was recommended to me. He said it may be fixable so I sent it away. The quality of service and communication was a benchmark for other company's offering the same service. I now have my iPAQ back and my life is in order again. Thanks Nathan you saved the day and me a lot of money. Highly Recommended.

Gaye Henry 01/09/2009

Phenomenal service! Easy website to use, swift confirmation of receipt of item, SUPERB service and communications, and secure and speedy return of your iPAQ! Really cannot fault in any way Nathan’s service and attention to detail. Obviously hoping I don't need to repair my 5450 again but if I did I would not have the worries I had before discovering Nathan. I HIGHLY recommend him and his services. Thanks Nathan!

Wayne Marshall 31/08/2009

Excellent service. Saved me the cost of a new PDA!!

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