iPAQ Stylus 3 in 1 (rw6815 / rw6818 / rw6828)


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HP recommend that to prevent damage to the iPAQ Pocket PC screen, you should never use any device other than the stylus that comes with the Pocket PC or a suitable high quality replacement to tap or write. This is a high quality replacement metal stylus with a soft nylon tip, it passes all our in house requirements for use on the delicate iPAQ touch screen film. It has the added benefit of being a ball point pen and having a dedicated reset pin, for hard resetting of the iPAQ.

* Fits Perfectly into the iPAQ Stylus Silo.
* Unscrew Base to Reveal a Pen.
* Unscrew Stylus Tip and Reset Pin is Revealed.
* Soft Nylon Stylus Tip Reduces Screen Wear.

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