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HP iPAQ User Tips
Our surprisingly still very popular HP iPAQ user tips page has now been republished on our new updated website this was an oversight on our part, sorry to those who contacted us asking why we had removed it! We really had no idea anyone still used it as an informational resource. I suspect a few old bookmark are now broken as the page has been given a new URL as such we have now redirected the old URL to the newly published page so nothing in those old bookmarks has been broken, just follow this link for the republished HP iPAQ User Tips page.The new URL is :
You Can Repair Your Own iPhone 6 Screen
There are few things quite as annoying as dropping your pristine iPhone 6 face down on the ground and then retrieving it only to reveal the horror of a cracked screen. Not only is a cracked iPhone 6 screen extremely aesthetically displeasing, it also makes your phone very uncomfortable to use, if it still works at all that is. A cracked iPhone 6 screen is really frustrating, leaving you cursing yourself for clumsily dropping it or letting it slide out of your shirt pocket. It's an easy enough mistake to make when you're in a rush or just caught out by carelessness, and we've all been there. But as frustrating as it i..
Welcome To The New Website
Let me take this chance to welcome you, prospective new customers and our existing valued customers to our updated eCommerce website. Our old website has served us very well for over 12 years, however the time has come for a change!We have spent many months preparing and executing the transition to a complete new eCommerce platform, this will enable us to serve you better than ever before, we have many new features, including allowing live progress status updates from your units arrival with us and subsequent repair undertaken by our technicians, we have also implemented a new fast track express repair service, thi..
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