iPhone 3G Factory Unlock Permanent


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We offer Apple iPhone 3G factory unlocking, this is 100% genuine factory unlocking service, we do not even require your iPhone, just your iPhone's IMEI number. Once we have your IMEI number the unlocking process can begin, we can only unlock your iPhone 3G if it has a clean IMEI, this means we can not unlock blocked IMEI or barred IMEI, or if your handset has been reported stolen or lost or insurance claimed blocked.

We can unlock your iPhone 3G on any network plan, this includes Pay As You Go Plans, Pay Monthly Plans and Business Plans. Our processing time for unlocking is 3 - 10 working days, the processing time is a guideline only we will do our best to unlock your iPhone 3G as quickly as possible.

After you receive confirmation of your unlock, all you have to do is insert a different SIM into your iPhone 3G and then connect with iTunes. Shortly after connecting with iTunes your iPhone 3G will be factory unlocked and ready to use.

Please make sure you provide us with the correct IMEI number in the box provided, the iPhone's IMEI can be obtained by dialing *#06# from the phone, our handy detailed guide to find your iPhone's IMEI is below.

How To Find Your iPhone's IMEI Number

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