iPad Air 2 Complete Screen Repair


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Have you broken both screens on your iPad Air 2? If so this is the repair you require, if the front glass is shattered and the LCD screen is also broken you can usually see ink spots or bleeding on the screen, or maybe no display at all, the complete screen will need to be replaced on your iPad Air 2.

Select this iPad Air 2 screen repair service if the outer glass and display screen are both broken or damaged. Our experienced iPad technician will replace your broken glass touch screen and LCD screen with a brand new genuine original Apple parts, restoring functionality to your iPad Air 2.

Price includes fitting, parts and fully insured return shipping in the UK.

Important Information:
*Please check for availability prior to ordering the Express service, especially during holiday periods.

If you choose not to opt for our Express Repair 24 Hour Fast Track Service our normal repair turnaround times are  3 - 5  working days. We always aim to complete repairs as fast as possible. This is an in-house Apple iPad Air 2 repair service, when ordering this service you are required to ship your iPad into our repair centre for works to be undertaken.

Just the front glass is shattered there is no bleeding on the LCD. Is this still the repair I need?
( Adam Woodliffe, 07/06/2017 )
Yes this is the correct repair, the screen on the iPad Air 2 are bonded and it is impossible to separate them without causing damage, so we have to replace the whole screen.
( Nathan Dickman, 08/06/2017 )
I have a iPad Air 2 with a crack in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It is not on the surface of the glass, its underneath on the LCD and there is some bleeding. Can you confirm what I need to purchase to have this repaired? ( Dave Mecham, 07/07/2016 )
You require the repair service listed on this page, our iPad Air 2 Cracked Front Glass And Broken LCD Complete Screen Repair. ( Nathan Dickman, 17/11/2016 )