HP iPAQ GSM Aerial Cover (h6300 Series)


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HP replacement aerial cover for the iPAQ 6300 series. Not only protects your aerial against everyday knocks and blows but also drastically improves the overall look and feel of the unit if the original has been lost or damaged. iPAQ Repair and Parts have developed a superior replacement aerial cover / antenna cap. As the failure rate of the original component was high. This improved parts is in stock and shipping now. This is the next generation of the antenna cover having been totally redesigned to offer improvement over the original part in many aspects. Key improvements include an improved fit with the iPAQ case. The outer rubber coating will not peel off due to excessive wear. We have also constructed this from a much more durable impact resistant plastic to further enhance the parts life. We are so sure of the quality this is the last replacement antenna cover you should ever need.

* Equivalent HP Part Number 358953-001.

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