iPad 4 SIM Card Reader


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iPad 4 SIM card holder assembly with flex cable this is a replacement internal part for the iPad 4. This replacement part includes the SIM contact reader which allows the iPad 4 to access the SIM card. If the part is damaged for any reason, your iPad 4 will no longer use the inserted SIM card. Replace your broken, damaged or cracked iPad 4 SIM card reader assembly with a genuine original replacement part.

* Original Part.
* Apple Part Number: 821-1265-A.
Will this be compatible with model A1460? Are the SIM card readers different for CDMA and GSM models? ( Lee Porter )
Our iPad SIM reader repair is not suitable for the CDMA version of the iPad. The hardware is different between CDMA and GSM versions.
( Nathan Dickman, 01/12/2015 )