iPad Mini No Backlight Black Screen Repair Kit (Backlight Coil, Backlight IC, Backlight Filter)


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Does your iPad Mini have no backlight? If so you need to replace the screens backlight circuit components, replacement components are included in our iPad Mini backlight screen repair kit. The normal cause of the no backlight fault on the iPad Mini is when a short circuit damages the backlight circuit, resulting in upon the iPad Mini booting up a display with a dim black screen. Our iPad Mini no backlight screen repair kit includes the iPad Mini backlight 4R7 coil, the iPad Mini backlight chip and the iPad Mini backlight filter. Please note replacement of these iPad Mini backlight circuit components requires a high level of soldering skill. If you are not confident with fitting the iPad Mini backlight circuit components yourself, just follow the link below and order the in-house iPad Mini no backlight dim screen repair service.

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