T5 / T6 Torx Screwdriver For iPAQs


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T5 / T6 torx screwdriver is the size used for the casing screws on many of the popular iPAQ models.

Suitable for the following Compaq iPAQ models: h3130, h3135, h3150, h3630, h3635, h3650, h3660, h3670, h3730, h3760, h3765, h3815, h3830, h3850, h3870, h3950, h3955, h3970, h3975, h5150, h5450, h5455, h5550, h5555.

Suitable for the following HP iPAQ models: h1910, h1915, h1920, h1930, h1935, h1937, h1940, h1945, rx1950, h2200, h2210, h2215, h4150, h4155, h4350, h4355, rz1710, rz1715, rz1717, rx3100, rx3115, rx3415, rx3417, rx3700, rx3715, hx2110, hx2115, hx2410, hx2415, hx2750, hx2755, hx2790, hx2795, hx4700, hx4705, rx5710, rx5720, rx5725, rx5730, rx5765, rx5770, rx5775, rx5780, h6310, h6315, h6320, h6325, h6340, h6345, h6360, h6365, rw6815, rw6818, rw6828, hw6510, hw6515, hw6910, hw6915, hw6920, hw6925, hw6940, hw6945, hw6950, hw6955, 110, 112, 114, 116, 210, 211, 212, 214, 216, 310, 312, 314, 316, 318, 510, 512, 514, 610, 610c, 612, 612c, 614c.

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