iPhone Unlock, iPhone Update and iPhone Localisation Service iPhone v3.1.3 Firmware


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Do you have an already unlocked iPhone running an older firmware, being one of the following versions? Would you like this updating to the latest 3.1.3 version? If so this is the service for you. We will safely update your iPhone to the latest firmware version. Your iPhone's baseband will be virginised. Removing previous iPhone unlocks as these will cause problems when upgrading the iPhone firmware. The iPhone will then be activated on the latest version firmware and the new safe unlock is tested. Your iPhone will have localisation files installed for the UK so that caller ID and SMS messages function correctly. Finally the Installer and Cydia application is added, giving you the ability to install 3rd party software directly from onto your iPhone without the need for a computer.

Price includes fitting, parts and fully insured return shipping in the UK.
Suitable for only the following iPhone models: MA501 , MA712 , A1203.

Important Information:
* Our normal repair turnaround times are 3 - 7 working days. We always aim to complete repairs as fast as possible. This is an in-house Apple iPhone 2G repair service, when ordering this service you are required to ship your iPhone into our repair centre for works to be undertaken.

You will be sent shipping details once your order has been processed.

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