Sending Your Device In For Repairs

Please follow these instructions when shipping your phone or tablet into iTech Repair, we always aim to repair your phone or tablet in the fastest time period possible.

Step One

Remember backup any important data currently stored on your device to your PC, Mac, or the cloud, before you send the phone or tablet into us. The majority of repairs and upgrades the battery is disconnected during the procedure, however your user data is preserved even with the battery disconnected, undertaking a local or cloud backup is a precaution, with all units we try to preserve user data however do not guarantee this.

Step Two

Cover the device in bubble wrap or another suitable packaging material always ensure the screen is well protected even if this is smashed as further damage could occur during transit. Next place the device into a cardboard box and secure this all by using additional packaging. If you have purchased a repair via our website or over the telephone you will have been issued with an order number please also include this with your phone or tablet, if you do not have an order number include your full name, address, email address, and telephone number and a description of the fault we will then contact you with diagnostics and cost to repair the unit.

Do Not Include

No SIM Cards

No USB Leads

No Chargers

No Cradles

Step Three
Use a shipping method that guarantees delivery and offers insurance, within the UK Royal Mail Special Delivery service is excellent and has a minimum compensation value of £500.00. If you choose to use other carriers please insure the device for it's full value. If shipping from Europe or the USA select a carrier such as EMS, FedEx or DHL please mark the package contents and state on the customs declaration 'Phone / Tablet for Repair' the unit in its broken state has a scrap value of $30.00. If possible also include a copy of the purchase receipt for the unit, this will ensure the unit does not incur any import tax or value added tax when arriving to be repaired.

Step Four
Now ship the device to our repair service centre at the following address:

iTech Repair Ltd.
Unit 33, King Street Buildings
Enderby, Leicester
LE19 4NT
United Kingdom

Please do not send in your device without any clear sender identification inside the package of at least your name and email address. Without this basic information we have no idea who you are, or what repair service your unit should undergo, this WILL cause your diagnostic or repair service to be delayed.