Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Complete Screen Repair


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Have your broken your Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 glass screen or LCD? If so we can repair your Galaxy Tab S 10.5 screen. If your Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 looks like it has a cracked, broken or shattered front glass screen and or damage to the LCD Screen, then this is the repair service you will need. A broken screen is classed by Samsung as a non-warranty repair and they will charge you accordingly. This Galaxy Tab S 10.5 screen repair service is a cheaper option and performed to exacting standards, using genuine original Samsung parts.

* Price includes the brand new Galaxy Tab S 10.5 complete screen in any Black or White, fitting and fully insured return shipping in the UK.

Important Information:
This is an in-house Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 glass screen repair service, when ordering this Galaxy Tab Tab S 10.5 screen repair service you are required to ship the tablet into our repair centre for works to be completed.
My glass screen is cracked but still works ok, would I need the LCD and glass screen or just glass screen? ( Arwel Jones, 15/11/2016 )
The Samsung Tab S screens are bonded complete screen units and can not be separated to facilitate just the replacement of one of the screen elements, this is due to the nature of the construction of this particular screen type so we can only offer complete screen replacements.
( Nathan Dickman, 17/11/2016 )
The screen only on my SM-T805 is broken and not the digitiser. Is it possible to have just a screen replacement as the price of glass only is much lower? ( Richard Alexander, 22/06/2016 )
We only offer complete screen replacements on the SM-T805 at they are bonded units and the glass layer is impossible to separate without damaging the underlying LCD screen.
( Nathan Dickman, 14/02/2017 )
My tab was cracked (I think) in a luggage bag and I've noticed an ever-so-slight curve on the casing of the tablet, would this cause any issues with replacement screen? It's very slight but I do notice it.
( Philip Burke, 12/11/2015 )
The issue you describe should not cause a problem, however a technician would assess and if an issue was present would contact you with options. The majority of the time during disassembly we can correct any minor bends in the chassis and screen frame. ( Nathan Dickman, 13/11/2015 )