Nexus 7 (2013) Charge Port Repair


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Are you having trouble charging your Nexus 7 (2013). There may be some damage to your charge socket. We can repair this by fitting an official replacement to get it back to fully working condition.

Important Information:

This is an in-house Nexus 7 repair service, when ordering this service you are required to ship the tablet into our repair centre for works to be undertaken.
Is this a repair service or a repair kit? ( Tom carpenter, 16/02/2016 )
This is an in house repair service, where we will repair the sync charge socket on your Nexus tablet.
( Nathan Dickman, 17/02/2016 )
I have a Asus nexus 7 2nd gen, this is the second time the charging port has failed. The first time I sent it to Asus to fix but they sent it back and it's still not working. Now the tablet won't even charge no matter how much I try. If I send it how long would it take to repair and what service would I be looking at. Also a estimate would be great.
( Lucinda Bowie , 19/12/2015 )
Our in-house repair service turn round is 2 - 3 working days from receipt of the unit, this is the correct repair for your Nexus 7 2nd generation. ( Nathan Dickman, 23/12/2015 )