iPad 2 Wifi IC Chip Board Module


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The WiFi IC chip board is easily damaged during repair. This Official replacement part will get you back on track. Please note only one WiFi board is supplied. Two boards are displayed for illustration purposes.

* Genuine Apple Part.
* Apple Part Number 639-1213.
I am happy to buy the iPad 2 internal WiFi chip board connector but before I buy this is there a way to check this is the issue with my iPad 2 before I buy this.
( Joe Miciche, 01/11/2015 )
If your iPad 2 WiFi is greyed out when trying to connect to a wireless network, and your WiFi antenna is undamaged, the odds are in favour the iPad 2 IC WiFi board has indeed failed, replacement with this part will restore your iPad 2 WiFi back to working order.
( Nathan Dickman, 03/11/2015 )