3M Scotch 8mm x 50 Meters Double Sided Adhesive Tape


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A fifty meter roll of 8 millimeter wide thin high quality black Scotch 3M double sided bonding tape, this is perfect for use when mounting iPad touch screens, iPod Touch screens, Samsung Galaxy Tab screens, HTC phone screens and many other devices where you need thin low profile high strength double sided adhesive tape to mount and reassemble parts after original disassembly.

* Original 3M Quality.
* 8mm Wide Tape.
* Double Sided Tape.
I am looking for 8mm wide double sided sticky tape for LED strip lights to be stuck to the side of my motor home , can you help please. Regards ( Ritchie Hughes, 06/10/2015 )
Our 8mm wide 3M branded double sided sticky tape would be suitable in my opinion for attaching LED strip lights to your motor home. We use it for bonding tablet and phone touch screens and it has a great adhesion.
( Nathan Dickman, 07/10/2015 )