iPhone No WiFi Repair 3G


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WiFi on your 3G iPhone no longer connecting? Unable to connect to WiFi because WiFi is greyed out? If so our in house repair will repair the WiF on your iPhone 3G logic board and restore the WiFi functionality to working order. Please read through the symptom list below to confirm your fault matches one of the listed descriptions. Faulty WiFi 3G Symptoms are as follows with it usually being one specific example from the below, your iPhone 3G WiFi is not working consistently. Your iPhone 3G WiFi intermittently finds and loses network connections. Your iPhone 3G WiFi finds the network, but does not connect. Your iPhone 3G WiFi will connect to network, but does not accept any password even when correct it will continue to repeat password entry requests. Your 3G WiFi connects to network but drops the connection after a very short time. Checking the following Settings > WiFi > Network shows no device MAC address and has blank fields.

Price includes fitting, parts and fully insured return shipping in the UK.

Important Information:
* Our normal repair turnaround times are 3-5 working days. We always aim to complete repairs as fast as possible. This is an in-house Apple iPhone 3G repair service, when ordering this service you are required to ship your iPhone into our repair centre for works to be undertaken.

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