iPhone 3G 24ct Gold Front Bezel


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Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? iPhone Repair and Parts are proud to announce our new 24 carat gold 3G iPhone Bezel. This is a luxurious heavily plated 24 carat gold bezel for either the 3G 8GB or the 3G 16GB iPhone. If your original bezel is scratched or damaged, why not replace it with a brand new sleek 24ct hardened gold plated bezel. This is an original official iPhone 3G bezel that has been struck with .999 hardened 24 carat gold giving a hard wearing 24 carat gold finish before being thermally sealed.

* Exclusive and Hand Finished.
* Thick Heavy 24 Carat Gold Plate.
* Brand New and Original 3G iPhone Bezel.

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