Navman F20 Battery 750mAh BT000021C


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A replacement lithium-ion battery for the Navman F20 SatNav Unit. Rechargeable batteries do not last for ever and over a period of time they discharge faster and faster. This is the time to replace your failing old F20 battery. Replacing your Navman F20 battery does not require any soldering you only have to unplug the old battery and plug the new one in. 100% Original replacement internal battery.

* Navman Battery.
* Part No: BT000021C.
* 3.7v 750mAh.
* CE Certified.
How is the Navman F20 opened to change the battery? As it seems fixed when the two small screws removed I am unable to get the two halves apart. I can only use in the car with the charger plugged which is not always possible. A replacement battery would allow use away from the car but only if I can replace the dud one.
( Len Short, 13/12/2015 )
After the two screws have been removed the F20 is still clipped together with internal plastic clips, you will need to pry the rear case from the front casing to separate the two halves. Then the battery can be replaced. If you are not confident in dismantling the F20 we offer an in-house battery replacement service.
( Nathan Dickman, 15/12/2015 )