Galaxy Tab 7 Plus inch Water Damage Repair


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Has your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch Plus been water damaged? Maybe you knocked a drink over it, or dropped your Galaxy Tab 7 inch Plus down the toilet? We will clean your Galaxy Tab 7 Plus and attempt to restore the unit back to full working order. Our Galaxy Tab 7 inch Plus water damage repair service, includes an ultrasonic cleaning bath this allows us to clean the liquid damaged Galaxy Tab 7 inch Plus if suffering with board level oxidisation, corrosion or maybe sticky liquid having dried or evaporated leaving a conductive residue on the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus logic board. We have a very high success rate with Galaxy Tab 7 Plus water damage repairs. If we can repair your water damaged phone without replacing the complete logic board or screen, this is all you will pay to restore your water damaged tablet back to working order. What do you do if your Galaxy Tab 7 Plus gets liquid damaged? Just follow these simple steps, firstly switch the tablet off, do NOT turn the tablet back, on once the Samsung tablet is switched off now place inside a bag filled with rice (the rice is used to absorb the moisture inside the tablet). Then order this service and send the device into us we will repair and return to you.

Important Information:
This is an in-house Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus water damage repair service, when ordering this service you are required to ship the tablet into our repair centre for the work to be completed.

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