iPhone 5 SIM Card Reader Repair


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Does your iPhone 5 no longer recognise a SIM card when it has been inserted into your iPhone? Does it display the message NO SIM even though the SIM is present? If so it is a high possibility that your SIM tray has been inserted incorrectly and actually damaged the pins on the logic board that make contact with the SIM card. Allow our expert technicians to remove the damaged SIM card reader from your logic board and fit a brand new part restoring your iPhone 5 back to working order so your SIM card will be detected correctly. As we use original Apple parts for our iPhone 5 SIM reader repairs, your iPhone will function like new when repairs are completed.

Price includes fitting, parts and fully insured return shipping in the UK.

Important Information:
* Our normal repair turnaround times are 3-10 working days. We always aim to complete repairs as fast as possible.

This is an in-house Apple iPhone 5 repair service, when ordering this service you are required to ship your iPhone into our repair centre for works to be undertaken. You will be sent shipping details once your order has been processed.
Hello, I am from the US. I put my SIM card in without using the tray and used a needle to get the SIM card out. I'm guessing I distorted the sim reader.  Can you guys repair? Also, will you let me ship from the US? Thanks! ( Matt Sutterfield, 11/10/2016 )
Yes this is the repair you require, we repair damaged units from the USA frequently, please feel free to order the repair and send in your iPhone.
( Nathan Dickman, 14/02/2017 )
If I put my SIM into phone it no longer recognises it. I took phone in for repair and was told it was the SIM reader which they did not offer as part of their repairs. If I send in to you do you diagnose faults prior to repair to ensure this is the correct fault diagnosis? ( Tylie Stokes, 09/01/2016 )
We undertake a diagnostic on the iPhone if the repair is incorrect you will be contacted with findings and revised costs to repair.
( Nathan Dickman, 13/01/2016 )
My SIM card reader isn't working at all. I put the SIM card holder in the wrong way and it then got stuck, I ended up pulling the SIM card holder out and one of the gold pins then ripped out and now the iPhone doesn't read the SIM card. I am asking would you be able to repair this?
( Sophie Grey, 06/12/2015 )
Yes we can, this is the correct repair as we replace your broken SIM card reader on the logic board with a new part, restoring your iPhone 5 back to working order. Just place an order online or over the telephone for the repair service.
( Nathan Dickman, 08/12/2015 )
I tried to repair the SIM card reader iPhone 5 by myself but I am not sure if I can solder the reader on the logic board without damaging the logic board. Would you repair the iPhone with full guarantee?
( Denis Fischer, 16/11/2015 )
Providing you have not already caused any damage to the iPhone 5 logic board during an attempted repair, we can replace your SIM card reader, all our repairs carry a full 12 months warranty.
( Nathan Dickman, 18/11/2015 )