Nexus 7 (2013) Screen (Touch Screen and LCD) With Frame (WiFi Only)


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If you have broken the LCD and can see black bleeding marks or the image on the LCD screen is distorted or missing in places, or you have cracked the glass touch screen / digitiser layer you will need to have the whole Nexus 7 2013 (WiFi ONLY) screen display assembly unit replaced. The replacements Nexus 7 screens are brand new Nexus 7 screen units complete with frame.

* Screen Provided With Mounting Frame.
* Fits Nexus 7 2nd edition 2013 (WiFi ONLY) Models.
* Genuine Part.

Is this the whole frame and glass? Is all I need to do is swap the parts over?

( Mark Christopher, 23/02/2017 )
This is a complete screen and frame assembly, yes you are correct all you do is transfer the parts into the new screen assembly.
( Nathan Dickman, 08/03/2017 )