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iTech Repair Ltd Customer Reviews and Comments

At iTech Repair Ltd. We take pride on what people really say about the level of repair services offered and the quality of spare parts supplied, we act upon constructive criticism, and thrive on kind words. The database currently holds 751 customer feedback, comments and reviews, please feel free to browse through the following 38 pages

WOW. I needed a new battery for my 3650 and HP quoted �£171 plus VAT. Bought an extra capacity battery from here for �62 all in.

Took 10 minutes total time to fit - but buy a torx screwdriver if you are going to do it as it will make it easier! Thanks, Nathan. Saved me a bundle.
  - Jeff Temple-Heald

Just wanted to say thanks to iPAQ Repair for the prompt service. My iPAQ has been resurrected from its coma, and given a shiny new screen. I will be sure to use these services again, if this or any other iPAQ gives me trouble in the future...Many thanks
  - Conor Sexton

Thank you for your prompt service, I have been lost without my H3850! I will certainly recommend you to anyone with iPAQ problems.
  - Robert McQuade

Excellent service had a problem with an iPAQ battery pack that I bought, you sent a replacement within a week no hassle. Replied to e-mails I sent within 1 hour
  - Craig Clark

Service and advice is excellent and the delivery service second to none. I wanted another protective case for my iPAQ H3970 to allow me to fix it permanently to my car for Sat Nav purposes.

I was actually e-mailed back with an offer of a refurbished model at a cheaper price! I subsequently ordered that and when it arrived it looked absolutely perfect.
  - Darryl Seager

Great Service - Great Advice - Great turn around time...need I say more.
  - Paul Butler

When I was looking for where to get my iPAQ repaired and I saw ipaqrepair.co.uk on the Internet, I was a bit sceptical, but built up courage to send my iPAQ after making contact with Nathan Dickman.

I have now experienced an excellent level of service and would definitely be using iPAQ Repairs in the future.
  - Dr. Tanko Ishaya

"Despite initial concerns, having no prior experience of IPAQ Repair, other than coming across their details on the internet, would now wholly recommend them to anyone requiring a battery replacement or repair to their IPAQ."

"A good and quick service with plenty of feedback."

"A unique and valuable service."
  - Mark Edmondson

"Just a quick message to say thanks for a very quick and professional service. Your advice and the way that you handled my iPAQ trade in was conducted without a single hitch. Once again thanks.

P.S. have you ever thought of selling reconditioned iPAQ units on the site?"
  - Michael Rhodes

"Nothing but praise for this firm. I dropped my iPAQ 2210 at 6.30 pm Wednesday - received it back with a new screen 8.40 am Friday - was fully functional right out of the box - didn't even have to restore any programmes."

"HP haven't even got round to quoting me yet... unfortunately I did run foul of having a relatively new model - you can only order a complete screen replacement not just the digitiser so it was quite expensive - so I'm going to be very careful with my toys in future."
  - David Flint

"Simple, quick, efficient and reasonably priced. Nuff said."
  - Dan Kennedy

Having wasted my time traipsing up and down Tottenham Court Road in search of spares and service for my iPAQ I was delighted to find Ipaqrepair. The spares I was looking for were delivered promptly and at a very fair price.

I will be back when I need an upgrade do you sell new machines by any chance??

Online 1 Retail Nil!
  - Tim Nicol

"Outstanding service, returned within a couple of days. Easy payment from an excellent website. Definitely one for your Favourites"
  - Mark Holcroft

"Service and advice is excellent and the delivery service second to none. I wanted another protective case for my 3970 to allow me to fix it permanently to my car for Sat Nav purposes; I was actually e-mailed back with an offer of a refurbished model at a cheaper price! I subsequently ordered that and when it arrived it looked absolutely perfect."
  - Darryl Seager

I corrupted my iPAQ H3630 ROM. Followed all Compaq instructions in attempting repair without success. Sent my device to Nathan at iPAQ Repair. Had it fixed and returned two days later."
  - Brian Staples

"I would just like to say that I was extremely pleased with the help I received from Nathan at ipaqrepair.co.uk."

"My husband went away on business and asked me to try to sort out a repair for his iPAQ. Not knowing much about the iPAQ, I was constantly e-mailing Nathan asking for his advice, which he always answered promptly."

"I was happy to send the iPAQ to him which was repaired and returned within a week."

"I found Nathan to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable and wouldn't hesitate to ask him to carry out any repairs in the future."
  - Helen Andrade

"I was delighted with the refurbishment of my iPAQ. Despite my best efforts to confuse you - you sorted me out with the right repair and a lead. Service was excellent and friendly. I have already recommended you to all my friends."
  - Sian Lloyd

"I found the service excellent. I was especially pleased to find an organisation that would take the time to talk to a novice like me - and to explain things in terms that I understand."

"The repair and turnaround times too were excellent."

"Thoroughly recommended."
  - Tom McCormack

"I found your service very quick and your sales team were very friendly and professional. Thanks for all your help in returning a dead (and I thought costly if I had to return it to Compaq) iPAQ back to life."
  - Paul Bailey

"I got my iPAQ screen fixed in record time. All emails were helpful and clear. Thanks, I would recommend you any time."
  - Ali Baxter

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