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iTech Repair Ltd Customer Reviews and Comments

At iTech Repair Ltd. We take pride on what people really say about the level of repair services offered and the quality of spare parts supplied, we act upon constructive criticism, and thrive on kind words. The database currently holds 766 customer feedback, comments and reviews, please feel free to browse through the following 39 pages

Along with most people, I was fairly anxious about sending my prized IPAQ through the post to an internet based repair service. I couldn't have been more satisfied at the way Nathan kept me up to date by answering my queries and letting me know the moment repairs were complete. I received my IPAQ back just 8 days after sending it to him. An excellent, value for money service. I cannot recommend Nathan's service enough. Many Thanks.
  - Tony Hannigan

Having damaged the switch assembly on my iPAQ 5550, I sent it for repair and within days I got it back. Excellent service.
  - Ola Binna

Received prompt replies and advice from Nathan. A returned item from the post office was re-dispatched immediately. Thank you for keeping me in the loop.
  - Kevin Young

An excellent, speedy service with good communication throughout and I wouldn't hesitate to use Nathan's service again, or to recommend others in need of PDA repairs to do the same.
  - Neil Hobbs

Top job my IPAQ is like new again. Thank you.
  - Mick Padgett

Very quick service will use again if needed.
  - Terry Burnett

I had a problem with my iPAQ and contacted Nathan for his advice, I sent it off for a free quote and was very pleased and gave him the go-ahead and got my iPAQ back within a couple of days of him finding the fault, postage, parts and repair all in the quote for a little more than the cost of the part. I am now using my iPAQ again and will recommend Nathan and use him again if the need arises. Many thanks again.
  - Colin Latham

Man O Man what great service. I was impressed when I ordered something from you last year in the UK, but even more impressed now I live in New Zealand... you shipped goods out to me quicker than a local NZ store! Thanks Nathan very impressive!
  - George Cook

I've now bought 3 iPAQ’s from Ebay and they have all had something wrong with them. But they have all been sorted by Nathan. And still worked out much cheaper than going to a big seller of refurbished units. Thank you Nathan
  - Chris Lawton

Hello Nathan just want to say thank you very much for repair i am very inpressed with your service.
  - Kwame Nyanyo

Top service from the experts, thanks Nathan
  - Mike Standen

Bought an iPAQ RX3715, first time I used it I leant on it, got it over to Nathan for a repair, it was back in a week. What a lifesaver, superb!!! WHat more can I say shall be recommending him to everyone.
  - Kevin Hughes

Excellent service - couldn't be faulted and offers great value for money. I was really worried about sending my iPAQ to someone off the internet, but Nathan did a superb job and the unit was back to me in just over a week of sending it to him. Everyone in my department at work has iPAQ’s and I am going to recommend this company to our tech-support guys for fault repairs. Would DEFINITELY use again!!
  - Fiona Denney-Bunyard

Through a silly mistake of using the wrong charger I thought I had killed my iPAQ PDA. I found Nathan on the web and quickly and cheaply had my PDA back. Many thanks you’re a star.
  - Sean Kelly

The power circuit board failed on my iPAQ. HP couldn't help, but it was so easy to find out that it could be repaired and at such a reasonable cost. I sent the iPAQ and within a few days I was updated on the status and a day later it arrived in the post. I would recommend this service to anyone. It's prompt and professional. Great site.
  - Ben Ritacca

I am very pleased to have asked Nathan to fix my iPAQ. He was quick and I saved 63 pounds! I will recommend him without hesitation.
  - Yo Tomita

Just wanted to congratulate you on your tremendous service. After abusing my iPAQ several parts need to be replaced. From creating an account to receiving the replacement parts took about a day and a half and I was properly informed on the progress of my order throughout - Fantastic! Keep up the good work.
  - Fin Dale

Hi, I guess it's been the first time ever on the net, that I've received that kind of support, even though the requested piece of hardware wasn't even in the usual replacement part list. Great, awesome - many thanks from Germany. Next time I need a replacement part for my iPAQ, this will be my first and, if possible, only place to go. Thx'n'Greetz..
  - Marco Lamonaca

Nathan must be the nicest (please read that as "the best") guy I have ever had to deal with online. He gave me freebies when I should have been paying him extra, and then he trusted me to make a postal payment and despatched my beloved 2210 before he even received the envelope! It is so positive to find a real and genuine person full stop these days, let alone online. Excellent, excellent man. Tell everyone you know with an iPAQ to bookmark this site - we will all need it at some point. Do not have any concerns over using his services, let us, the customers, be testimony to his honesty and knowledge. Thank you Nathan, you rocked my world ;)
  - Gina Bailey

Thank you so much Nathan, if you are reading this because your wondering if you should send your iPAQ to him or not then do yourself a favour send it! repair at the right price, fast efficient service just an honest guy doing an honest days work.
  - John Rowland

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