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iPAQ Repair and Parts

iPAQ Repair and Parts News Archive
.: Proporta Metal Cases now instock! :.
Proporta Metal Cases now in stock!Accessories Update - Jan 28, 2005
We have the Proporta Aluminium Cases now in stock!

The Proporta aluminium hard case for the Compaq iPAQ is elegant and protective. Built from the highest quality materials this small investment will protect your iPAQ in style for years to come. The metal case will slip comfortably into your shirt pocket but still offer serious protection.

.: 54/55xx Touch Screens back in stock! :.
54/55xx Touch ScreensParts Update - Jan 21, 2005
Touch screens for the 54/55xx series iPAQs are now back in stock

iPAQ digitizer also known as the iPAQ glasstop this replacement part is used to read touch screen input from the stylus. If your digitizer (glasstop) is cracked, or if your iPAQ loops through the align screen setup stage your touch screen has failed. This is the correct HP spare part you need to restore your iPAQ touch screen to full working order.

.: 2210 / 2215 Rubber Side Grips now in stock! :.
iPAQ Rubber Side GripsAccessories Update - Feb 04, 2005
If you have lost one or both of the rubber grips on your 2210 / 2215 or maybe the rubber covers are peeling away from the plastic side strips. Treat your iPAQ to a new set of grips. It will look like new, these are the latest hard wearing revision supplied by HP.

.: iPaq Repair & Parts Summer Service Announcement :.
iPaq Repair & Parts Xmas Service AnnouncementService Update - July 24, 2005
iPAQ Repair Orders & Diagnostic Services:
iPAQ Repair and Parts is closed from August 4th 2005 to August 9th 2005, from 6.00pm on August the 2nd 2005 you will not be able to place orders for iPAQ repair services via the website. The ability to order repair services with be available again on August the 10th 2005. Existing repair orders progressing through the system will be delayed slightly.

iPAQ Parts & Accessories Orders:
Spare part orders will ship as normal during this period. Emails will not be processed until the 9th of August 2005.

iPAQ Repair & Parts would like to apologise for any annoyance and disappointment this situation may cause to you, our valued customer.

.: iPAQ Retractable Sync-N-Charge Cable :.
iPAQ Retractable Sync and Charge CableAccessories Update - May 20, 2004
The Retractable Sync-n-Charge cable is a perfect replacement for the bulky HP iPAQ cradle. With the innovative retractable cable mechanism, you can save space and forget about carrying a cradle and a power supply with you.

For more information just select your pocket pc model 3100 range, 3600 range, 3700 range, 3800 range, 3900 range, 5400 range, 5500 range, 1900 range, 2200 range.

.: iPaq Repair & Parts Xmas Service Announcement :.
iPaq Repair & Parts Xmas Service AnnouncementService Update - December 3, 2004
iPAQ Repair Orders & Diagnostic Services:
Due to Christmas staff holidays all repair & diagnostic orders placed on or after the 18th of December will NOT be processed until 4th of January 2005. Orders can still be placed and units sent into us for the requested services however, please be aware units will be queued until the repairs service center re-opens on the 4th of January 2005.

iPAQ Repair & Parts would like to apologise for any annoyance and disappointment this situation may cause to you, our valued customer.

iPAQ Parts & Accessories Orders:
All orders placed for parts or accessories will be processed as normal during the December period, the last shipping date will be the 22nd of December.

.: 4150 & 4350 Touch Screens :.
4150 4155 4350 4355 Touch ScreenParts Update - April 16, 2004
If you are a proud owner of the new slim and stylish H4150 or H4350 PDA and have managed to break the touch screen or whole display I now offer broken iPAQ glasstop / touch screen repairs and drop in complete replacement screens for the new range of HP iPAQ models including the 4150 , 4155 , 4350 , 4355.

.: Aluminium Stylus Latch :.
Metal Stylus Latch Lock for the iPAQHardware Development - January 4, 2004
iPAQRepair.co.uk present a new addition to our spare iPAQ parts range the Aluminium Stylus Latch. This is available for iPAQ models including the 3130, 3150, 3630, 3650, 3660, 3760. This is a direct replacement for the original plastic stylus latch but is precision machined from solid aluminium and does not wear out over time like the plastic equivalent part.

Due to increased manufacturing costs is it no longer viable or cost effective to produce this spare iPAQ part.

The hard wearing and most current revision OEM plastic iPAQ stylus latch is still available, for more information just select your model 3100 range, 3600 range, 3700 range.

.: 19xx & 22xx Spare Parts and Repair Services :.
2210 1930 1940 1945 iPAQ Repair and PartsServices Update - September 10, 2003
With the introduction and high availability of the new HP handheld models the store will be offering 1910, 1930, 1935, 1940, 1945 and 2210, 2215 spare parts and iPAQ repair services ranging from crashed ROM upgrade recovery through to full screen replacements.
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